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How Do You Plan A Funeral Order Of Service

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  • 13-09-2023
How Do You Plan A Funeral Order Of Service

Discover the thoughtful and meaningful process of planning a funeral order of service with our comprehensive guide. Navigating the delicate task of honouring a loved one's memory, we provide insights into crafting a dignified and personalized order of service. 

What is a Funeral Order of Service?

A Funeral Order of Service serves as a printed guide to navigate the funeral ceremony or service. It goes beyond practicality, becoming a heartfelt tribute and a roadmap for attendees to participate meaningfully.

This guide holds a dual purpose. It not only offers essential details about the departed, often accompanied by cherished photographs, but also outlines the sequence of events during the service. This arrangement assists attendees in engaging with the ceremony, honouring each moment with understanding.

Typically distributed as A5 booklets, these guides span up to 12 pages and are given to all attendees. However, their significance lies in their adaptability.

While adhering to the conventional A5 format, you have the creative freedom to determine the size, length, content, and layout. This flexibility allows you to shape the Order of Service in a way that echoes your preferences, whether that's reflecting the unique essence of your loved one or embracing timeless traditions.

In essence, the Funeral Order of Service bridges the personal and the practical. It becomes a cherished keepsake, preserving the memory of the departed and guiding the present moment as it pays homage to the past.

Going Beyond a Simple Compilation

Writing a Funeral Order of Service is more than just putting together hymns and poems. This document reflects your loved one's life, becomes a cherished keepsake for attendees, and a lasting connection for absentees.

The Order of Service contributes to your loved one's enduring memory, encapsulating their essence and the day's emotions.

A Lasting Keepsake

An Order of Service is no mere paper; it's a treasured keepsake. Taking time to perfect it is a heartfelt investment. By crafting a thoughtful Order of Service, you create a tangible memory that will endure, carrying forward your loved one's legacy.

How Do You Plan A Funeral Order Of Service? | Horse Drawn Hearses For Funerals

Crafting Personalisation 

We've compiled a guide below to help you. This guide assists in crafting a Funeral Order of Service that pays homage and captures your loved one's essence. It's a canvas for personalisation, allowing you to portray the individual you're celebrating. Use this guide to create a tribute as special as the person it commemorates.

Start by reflecting on your loved one's defining elements—passions, milestones, standout memories. These insights form the core content for the Order of Service. Compose a narrative that takes readers through your loved one's life, including events, achievements, and personal anecdotes. Choose hymns, poems, and readings that align with your loved one's values.

These selections create an emotional resonance with attendees. Integrate photos and visuals that encapsulate cherished moments, adding a personal touch. Invite family and friends to contribute tributes, anecdotes, adding depth to the Order of Service. Finalise the Order of Service, ensuring it authentically honours your loved one's memory. 

Crafting a Funeral Order of Service is a significant task. It encapsulates your loved one's essence and shares their story with those who gather to remember. This guide empowers you to create an Order of Service that's a fitting tribute and a lasting testament to your loved one's uniqueness. 

Do I Need Printed Order of Service Cards?

Amidst the intricacies of arranging a funeral, the question of printed Order of Service cards often arises. While not obligatory, these cards can offer a comforting anchor. They provide attendees with a structured glimpse into the funeral ceremony, granting a sense of direction and understanding in a moment fraught with emotions.

These cards transcend mere practicality, extending to bridging the gap between information and sentiment. They can communicate essential details about the post-service arrangements and provide words for hymns, prayers, or songs, facilitating a collective engagement.

In a contemporary twist, screens or verbal communication by the celebrant can serve the purpose of conveying practical details or text. Moreover, these cards transform into tangible keepsakes, cherished mementoes that offer a connection to the departed and an opportunity to share the commemoration.

In an age where webcasting is common, emailing attendees an electronic version of the Order of Service beforehand ensures a unified understanding of the ceremony. 

Ultimately, whether to have printed Order of Service cards is a personal choice. They offer structure and connection in a moment of farewell, underlining the importance of choice and individual needs.

Do I Need Printed Order of Service Cards - How Do You Plan A Funeral Order Of Service?

What to Include in a Funeral Order of Service Booklet

Front Cover:
A Lasting Impression

The front cover of a funeral order of service booklet may seem deceptively simple, yet its impact is profound. It is often adorned with:

  • A poignant photograph of the departed
  • Their complete name
  • Dates of birth and passing
  • A heartfelt message or quote in their memory
  • Date, time, and venue details of the service

When selecting a photograph, it's important to choose an image that encapsulates the personality. Opt for a picture that singularly focuses on the honoree, eschewing group settings. Whether a recent snapshot or a memory from years past, the chosen image should evoke feelings of fondness and connection. It needn't be sombre; many choose a photo that elicits a smile or cherished recollection. The front cover can also bear any beloved nicknames they had during their lifetime.

Schedule of the Funeral Service:
Guiding the Moments

Following the cover, the succeeding pages reveal the carefully orchestrated schedule of the funeral service. This itinerary serves as a roadmap for attendees, guiding them through the poignant moments of the ceremony. While the schedule provides structure, it is not rigid. Confirming the service's outline with your chosen funeral director and the officiant ensures that your vision is seamlessly woven into the event. The schedule encompasses:

  • Musical processions during entry, often denoting
  • the titles of the chosen songs
  • An introduction led by the officiant
  •  Lyrics to songs or funeral hymns

  • Readings, speeches, and the respective speakers' names
  • Communal prayers
  • The committal and blessing
  • Concluding music, again indicating the chosen song

Final Page:
Concluding Thoughts

The last page or the back cover serves as a fitting conclusion to the booklet. Here, another photograph — distinct from the front cover — may take its place, potentially capturing a group or family setting. This space is apt for mentioning preferred charitable causes or organisations for donations. Honour their memory by directing contributions towards a cause that held significance for them.

Furthermore, the final page provides an opportunity to express gratitude to attendees who joined the ceremony, as well as to friends and relatives who may receive a booklet despite their absence. If a post-service gathering is planned, this page can serve as a means to share the event's details.

In essence, creating a funeral order of service booklet is a poignant undertaking. It's a tribute that knits memories, celebrates moments, and provides a window into a life that was lived to the fullest. Each element — be it a photograph, a cherished memory, or a parting thought — converges to form a tapestry of remembrance that endures through the pages of time.

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